Instant Span 300 parts

Below you will find an overview of all Instant Span 300 parts we currently have for sale.

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Braces    Wheels
Ref. Description   Ref. Description
223 2,0m Horizontal brace   5098 150mm wheel
364 2,0m Diagonal brace   9600 200mm wheel
105 2,5m Horizontal brace      
365 2,5m Diagonal brace   Stabilizers
221 3,0m Horizontal brace   Ref. Description
210 3,0m Diagonal brace   9030 Fixed outrigger
      50430 Telescopic outrigger
Standard frames   9090 Large outrigger
Ref. Description      
9827 Frame 7 rungs - 2m high SL   Wooden toeboard sets
9847 Frame 7 rungs - 2m high DL   Ref. Description
9824 Frame 4 rungs - 1m high SL   9606 2.0m Wooden toeboard set (single)
9844 Frame 4 rungs - 1m high DL   9616 2.0m Wooden toeboard set (double)
      9608 2.5m Wooden toeboard set (single)
Guardrail frames (spigots up)   9618 2.5m Wooden toeboard set (double)
Ref. Description   9610 3.0m Wooden toeboard set (single)
9823-00 Guardrail frame 2 rungs SL   9620 3.0m Wooden toeboard set (double)
9843 Guardrail frame 2 rungs DL      
      Aluminium toeboard set
Guardrail frames (spigots down)   Ref. Description
Ref. Description   51306 2.0m Aluminium toeboard set SL
9673 Guardrail frames 2 rungs SL   51316 2.0m Aluminium toeboard set DL
9677 Guardrail frames 2 rungs DL   51308 2.5m Aluminium toeboard set SL
      51318 2.5m Aluminium toeboard set DL
Guardrail bracing frames   51310 3.0m Aluminium toeboard set SL
Ref. Description   51320 3.0m Aluminium toeboard set DL
9603-01 2.0m Guardrail bracing frame      
9603-02 2.5m Guardrail bracing frame   VX Base  
9603-03 3.0m Guardrail bracing frame   Ref. Description
      9906-00 2.0m L x 2.0m H VX Base SL
Platforms   9916-00 2.0m L x 2.0m H VX Base DL
Ref. Description   9908-00 2.5m L x 2.0m H VX Base SL
46362 2.0m Standard platform   9918-00 2.5m L x 2.0m H VX Base DL
46093-03-2 2.0m Trapdoor platform   9910-00 3.0m L x 2.0m H VX Base SL
46361 2.5m Standard platform   9920-00 3.0m L x 2.0m H VX Base DL
46094-03-2 2.5m Trapdoor platform      
46208 3.0m Standard platform      
46095-03-2 3.0m Trapdoor platform      
Adjustable legs      
Ref. Description      


0.4m adjustable leg



0.6m adjustable leg



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