Tube Holder Scissor Lifts

The tube holder attachment consists of a system of flexible heads with interchangeable rollers which allow for a wide variety of materials such as pipes, ducting and steelwork, of different lengths and diameters to be installed quickly and easily by hand. For use on a variety of small scissor lifts, up to a safe working load of 150 kg can be added - 300 kg if fitted as a double if platform capacity allows.


  • frees up working space - materials held at the edge of a scissor lift

  • no weight on handrails - weight is transferred to scissor pack

  • materials can't fall - secure supporting heads and strap

  • CE certified 

The tube holder can be attached to the following Genie scissor lifts: GS2646, GS3246, GS3268 4WD, GS3384 4WD, GS4390 4WD, GS5390 4WD


The video below explains how the tube holder works:

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