Tube holder boom lifts

The tube holder is an innovation designed to easily transport heavy and long material like pipes and tubes on booming lifts. The tube holder is CE-certificated and can carry 90 kilo. 

The materials are safely attached on the basket of the machine and make sure that you:

  • can work with both hands - you don't have to carry the material yourself

  • avoid the risk that the materials fall down

  • increase the productivity

The tube holder can be attached on these articulated booms of Genie: Z30/20N, Z34/22N, Z40/23N, Z45/25 JDC, Z34/22 4WD, Z45/25 4WD, Z45/25XC 4 WD, Z51/30 4 WD, Z60/34 4WD, Z80/60 4WD, Z135/70 4WD 4WS, S45 4WD, S65 4WD, S85 4WD, S105 4WD 4WS, S125 4WD 4WS.


The video below explains how the tube holder works.

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