Does your work at height present a risk of entrapment?

SkySiren has been designed to alert colleagues to an entrapment incident whilst simultaneously stopping the motion of the platform.

The device consists of a pressure sensitive strip with an audible and visible alarm. As soon as there is contact between the object above or behind the operator, he is forced against the pressure sensitive strip which cuts the machine power and functions simultaneously to prevent further crushing. This sets of the audible alarm and and flashing warning signal. Both give an instant alert to the other personnel working on the site and they can liberate the operator.

SkySiren can be attached on all the Genie diesel booms and the Star 10, Z30/20N, Z34/22N, Z40/23N, Z45/25 JDC, HR21, Leo 15GT, Leo 21GT et Leo 24GT.


The video below explains how SkySiren works:

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