A starting point

In 1984 Dirk Naessens started buying and renting out used forklifts. After just four years, he decided to add access platforms to the rental offer. He founded dk RENTAL together with his wife Katrien. In the 90s, about 120 machines were available for hire all across Flanders.

Constant growth

Briefly into the new millennium dk RENTAL took over the Airmax company from Brussels, which allowed to strengthen its presence in the Belgian capital. As a result of this takeover, 150 machines were added to our rental fleet. Furthermore, we wanted to expand to Wallonia as well, which at that point still was unknown territory. In 2004 we opened a depot in Strépy-Bracquegnies, near Charleroi. One year later a second depot in Wallonia opened in Liège.

These investments were highly necessary since in 2006, 900 machines were added to our fleet, both for sales as well as hire. This allowed us to respond ever quicker to the market's needs.

A local player within an international group

dk RENTAL has been a part of Lavendon Group plc since 2007, giving us the opportunity to combine the flexibility of an SME with the capacity of a multinational. This profound structure change brought us a few changes, such as TechX, which was introduced in 2008.

A bright looking future

For a few years now dk RENTAL has been offering a series of innovations, making working at height safer and more efficient. In recent years, sustainability has become an increasingly important part of our agenda. This is something in which we want to participate, not only in our depots but also in our fleet, our administration etc. 

Let's go back to where it all started: our Waregem depot, which had become too small as well. That is why we moved to a new location in 2014, ready to face whichever challange may come.

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