Every process, decision and activity,whether it's work in the work-shop, on the road or in the office, it starts and ends with your safety in mind.

The boundaries of keeping people safe will never stop moving. That’s the challenge we all face. We believe putting health and safety first, every time, should always be our number one priority.

Don Kenny, Lavendon Group CEO, introduces "Your safety, our priority". See why we believe safe working is the only way of working.


Through continuous investment we can make them more reliable and we can improve their technical state. We can provide you equipment that keeps you safe.

Customer interaction

Our sales team makes sure that the right machine will be dispatched for your task. Our training team gives you the skills, knowledge and expertise to work safely at height.

Engineering excellence

dk RENTAL imposes the highest technical standards regarding organisation and cleanliness of its depots. In 2009 TechX was introduced to guarantee we provide you with high quality machines and safest access solutions.

Reaching you

Our operations team aspires to always reach you in the right place, at the right time, every time.

Health & Safety

We are continually striving to reach new heights in health and safety, placing your welfare at the core of our business.

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