dk RENTAL imposes the highest technical standards regarding organisation and cleanliness of its depots. In 2009 TechX was introduced to guarantee we provide you with high quality machines and safest access solutions.

We are continuously striving to offer you the best possible solution, a solution which is not only safe but also cost efficient. In this context, a perfectly maintained fleet is essential. Our internal quality programme TechX makes sure we always give our very best. 

In the early days

TechX at dk RENTAL saw the light in 2009. This quality programme was aimed at delivering machines which comply with the highest quality standards. We have been able to introduce many improvements throughout the organisation ever since, both in our workshops as well as our offices

Where we are today

Following the success of TechX, we further reinforced this commitment by introducing TechX2020, which is our dedication to achieving excellence not only in operations and engineering, but in everything we do. This consists of:

  • the environment

  • our customers

  • our suppliers

  • our people

  • the communities around us

Every depot is screened based on a list of set criteria. At the end of every audit, a rating is given to every single depot: bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond. TechX2020 allows us to implement enhancements systematically across the entire organisation. That way we can make sure you get the best quality where and when you need it.

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