A great place to work

Besides recognition, development and rewards, dk RENTAL also offers other benefits, but most of all, we want to create a great place to work. We’ve created a place to work that enables all employees to flourish in their roles and achieve their fullest potential.

What our employees say


Here's what our employees say about their carreer with us:

 “The support the company offers its employees when they want to further themselves is quite special. The training offered, and encouraged, is over and above what is required to do the job, which I think says a lot about the company.”
 “It's nice to work here. They organise lots of activities for/with the employees. It strengthens the bond with the colleagues”
 "All staff at all levels are approachable for information and help. The company is well recognised and we are always encouraged to help others and not to be afraid to ask for help.”


Our values

  • We guarantee a safe workplace.
  • We treat everyone with respect.
  • We are a motivated and skilled team.
  • We invest time and ressources to develop the potential of people.
  • We are concerned with the welfare of our customers and our staff.
  • We want to be loyal partners.
  • We keep our promises, both operationally and financially.



Our culture

We know that success depends on our ability to take on new challenges and put our customers first. To do that, we make sure that all of our people receive the development and rewards that truly match our industry leading skills.

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