Telehandlers are ideal for handling of various types materials at height. They can be used for roofing, industrial, agricultural and construction work.


Working Height


Showing 1-8 of 8 results

Showing 1-8 of 8 results

GTH2506- Telehandler 2.5T, 5.67m diesel 4WD 4WS

Working Height: 5.97 m
Turning Radius: 3.25 m
Safe Working Load: 2500 kg
Weight: 4450 kg

MT932 - Telehandler 3.2T, 9m diesel 4WD 4WS

Working Height: 9.00 m
Turning Radius: 3.68 m
Safe Working Load: 3200 kg
Weight: 7640 kg

JCB 535-95 - Telehandler 3.5T, 9.5m diesel 4WD 4WS

Working Height: 9.50 m
Turning Radius: 3.70 m
Safe Working Load: 3500 kg
Weight: 8215 kg

GTH4014 - Telehandler 4T, 13.53m diesel 4WD 4WS

Working Height: 13.53 m
Turning Radius: 3.80 m
Safe Working Load: 4000 kg
Weight: 10140 kg

JCB 540-180 - Telehandler 4T, 17.51m 4WD 4WS

Working Height: 17.51 m
Turning Radius: 3.39 m
Safe Working Load: 4000 kg
Weight: 11380 kg

GTH4018R - Rotating Telehandler 4T, 17.54m 4WD 4WS

Working Height: 17.54 m
Turning Radius: 4.36 m
Safe Working Load: 4000 kg
Weight: 14000 kg

GTH5021R - Rotating Telehandler 5T, 20.87m 4WD 4WS

Working Height: 20.87 m
Turning Radius: 5.01 m
Safe Working Load: 5000 kg
Weight: 17180 kg

RTH6.30SH - Rotating Telehandler 6T, 29.90m 4WD 4WS

Working Height: 29.90 m
Turning Radius: 6.57 m
Safe Working Load: 6000 kg
Weight: 21830 kg

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